🌿 No.001 - What is CO2 and why is it our modern-day villain?

Welcome to issue No 001. It seems appropriate to start the new Insights series with a primer on CO2 before proceeding to dive deeper into specific emission reduction technologies and the opportunity / investment landscape. It’s a fairly quick read which gives a bit of background on what CO2 actually is, its importance to regulating our ecosystems, and why current emission levels are a growing problem. 

General Update: Hope you enjoy the content and updated format which is a change from The Carbon Cut. Also do let me know via reply / poll available here whether you’d prefer to receive the Carbon Thesis during the week or weekend as I'll be making changes to the publishing schedule.

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Top 5 Tweets of the Week


Consumption of renewable energy in the United States grew for the fifth year in a row reaching a record high of 11.6 quadrillion Btu

or in other words -> 12% of total U.S. energy consumption  👏


Tim Lord wrote a few thoughts on his key takeaways on the Climate Change Committee's report on risks from climate change.

The CCC described the current level of preparedness as "alarming" -> and when the Brits say something is "alarming" that's a HUGE, borderline panic cause for concern 🚨🚨🚨

Check out the thread / full report


A reminder that it's all about incentives... And nothing screams incentives quite as loud as $$$ price dislocations


The recently published Net Zero 2050 Roadmap by the International Energy Agency concluded that OECD countries much end coal power by 2030.

I think this photo says a lot about the commitment from the coal industries to get there...


And last but not least - found this posted on LinkedIn where it got marked up with labels to create an opposite reaction from what I'm sure Greenpeace intended to achieve.

To elaborate -> Greenpeace are very happy to "kick oil out" but what this edited picture does well is show that oil and gas has A LOT of applications as a raw material to objects we use every single day (jetpack optional) and is not just about petrol, refineries and pollution... further highlighting that decreasing our reliance on this emissions-ridden sector is a challenge at an unfathomable global scale.

New Insight

Estimated Total Reading Time: 7 mins

So what exactly is CO2 and why is it somewhat involuntarily our modern-day villain?

Find out what CO2 is, how and where does it occurs in nature, what are its man-made sources, and why is it a growing problem...

Read Here...

That's it from me today. Hope you're enjoying the new format.

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